Getting To Know: Cameron Stingily

Cameron Stingily
Running back
Northern Illinois
*1st year


Who is your football mentor or inspiration?
I want to say my family in general. My whole household is full of hard workers. I grew up in a house with my grandma, she was a hard worker. My mom, my dad, my brothers, really just seeing my family and how they accomplished all their goals.

What motivates you?
It changes year to year. Now, I just had a baby girl, my first daughter, so right now it's making sure she has everything, all her wants and needs.

What is your football mindset?
Just to have fun, because last year it was taken away from me in one play. I tore my meniscus and sprained my MCL and I was out for the year, so now it's just take every play one at a time and have fun.

Why do you play football?
For the opportunities football brings. It isn't just the money, it's being able to see different places and just all the opportunities football can bring.

What is your proudest football moment or memory?
Just signing my first NFL contract. That was always a dream of mine, to play in the NFL. And then to play for one of the most prestigious teams in the NFL, putting on that Black and Gold was a big deal.

When you hear Steelers football, what do you think?
Toughness, old-school football, downhill and tough.

What do you like about Pittsburgh?
I love it. It's beautiful, there's plenty of things to do and the bridges; I'm still trying to get used to that, though. There are a lot of bridges.

What about Steelers fans?*
They're crazy, they love all their spots teams. I love Steelers fans.

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