Gardner adjusting to WR


It's better to receive: Rookie Devin Gardner is taking advantage of every rep he gets during the Steelers OTAs, learning as much as he can. And for good reason. The former Michigan quarterback has made the transition to wide receiver, and is making all of the necessary adjustments required.

"It's a different kind of work," said Gardner. "At quarterback you don't do much running. You run every once in a while, but you control when the play starts. It's a different kind of conditioning, a feel.

"I am getting more used to it. I am trying to get better every day. It's not something in particular where I am really struggling. Catch the ball well, run well and get open. Those are the key things to be a receiver."

Gardner played wide receiver during the 2012 season at Michigan, but late in the year transitioned to quarterback and remained there for the next two seasons.

"I am excited to do whatever I can to make the roster," said Gardner. "I am excited to get a chance to start blocking and stuff (in training camp) and show different kinds of toughness, things you can't show in shorts. As far as receivers go and going against defensive backs, pads, shorts, it's all the same."  

League of his own: Linebacker Jarvis Jones, who is still dealing with issues from his wrist injury last year, spent time this offseason working out with linebacker James Harrison and said watching how he works is inspiration.

"I have been working extremely hard," said Jones. "I have a great mentor in James. We have a future Hall of Famer right here. Just having him here, watching how he works from the weight room to the field and how he carries himself off the field, it's unbelievable. I am just trying to take it all in. He is in a league of his own."

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