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Fun & 'video' games at Heinz Field

It's all fun and games, until it comes to playing EA Sports Madden 17.

The competition at Heinz Field took on the same intensity as Steelers' game day, as gamers, and Steelers Ryan Shazier and Jesse James, took part in Madden 17 – Steelers Championship Challenger, presented by Pepsi, inside the PNC Champions Club.

Eight individuals qualified to play in the challenger, and Anthony Pulli, aka 'Misery,' came out on top, winning $3,500 and earned a spot to compete in the Madden Challenge finals.

Steelers fans had the chance to take in the action, and some even had the opportunity to play against James and Shazier, who loves playing Madden.

"I love playing Madden," said Shazier. "I really enjoy it. I think growing up, playing the game, I love football and you are trying to strategically beat people. You are also trying to emulate things in the game that players are actually doing on the field. Sometimes you see things, you see a person do things, and you think I could do that. Then when you are playing and it's you on the game, you are thinking, 'Man, I didn't do that.' It's funny to see the things the game allows you to do.

"It's definitely fun playing against the fans. I am on snapchat and fans always want to play against me. Sometime you like to just enjoy it yourself, but when you get the chance to go out and play them it's a lot of fun."

Shazier is one of the most popular players in the NFL among gamers, something that isn't lost on him.

"It means a lot," said Shazier. "It's amazing. It makes me feel people believe in my talent. If people think I can do it in Madden, they think I can do it in real life. I want to be one of those guys."

At Madden Challenge with the homies.

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