Foote: "It helps being involved"

Linebacker Larry Foote considers himself a tough guy, and he showed how tough he really is after he tore his biceps muscle against the Tennessee Titans in the home opener.

Foote didn't even realize that he was injured, trying to stay in the game after it occurred but being forced to head to the sidelines by his teammates.

"I thought I was cramping, that my arm had cramped up," said Foote. "I wasn't coming out. Ryan Clark was coming on the field and he said Foote you have to go. I went to the sideline and the doctors told me immediately what was wrong."

It was the last thing he expected or wanted to hear…done for the year after playing just over a half of football.

"It was tough. It brings you down a little bit," said Foote. "It comes with it, though. It was a little harder because it never happened to me before. It's tough to chew on. I was ticked, but more sad than mad about it. Being in the league so long injuries were to the right of me, left of me, in front of me, behind me, but it finally got me."

It wasn't just his own well being he was thinking about either. Foote, a vocal and emotional leader on the team, immediately struggled with the reality that he wouldn't be out on the field battling with his teammates the rest of the year.

"You know you let your team down," said Foote. "You are feeling bad. You spent all offseason working and for it to happen in the first game of the season. It was rough knowing my teammates need me, the position I play is vital in lining guys up and the responsibility that comes with it. Once I got past that feeling it was better."

Foote plans on being around the team's practice facility the rest of the season, offering emotional support and helping the younger linebackers as much as he can.

"It helps being involved," said Foote. "I am helping the only way I can help, especially with the young guys, giving them my perspective and point of view."

He also plans on doing everything in his power to make sure this isn't his last season in the NFL. Foote has been playing for 12 seasons, and he doesn't want it to end like this.

"The first couple of days I thought about that," said Foote. "You can't help but think about it. You are old. I hope they want me back. I want to keep on playing. Everything will take care of itself. God had been so good to me in my career. Whatever happens I know will be for the best. But I want to keep playing."

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