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Football and music come together

It was an evening of football royalty and incredible music at the Celebrity Care Fest 2018 on Friday night in Gibsonia, Pa.

A spectacular concert by Earth, Wind & Fire, with special guest Grand Funk Railroad, highlighted the night, but the real meaning was the causes the evening benefitted.

The concert raised funds for Steelers Charities, represented by Art and Greta Rooney, the Jerome Bettis Bus Stops Here Foundation and the Dan Marino Foundation, and also honored the work they do in the community.

"It's awful nice of them to put an event on like this to benefit all of these charities," said Steelers President Art Rooney II. "It's great to be here with these great players from the league. I didn't know everyone was going to be here. It's a great surprise and a fun event."

Among those in attendance were Jerome Bettis, Dan Marino, Ryan Shazier, Franco Harris, Bill Cowher and Jackie Sherril.

"It's really special for a couple of reasons," said Bettis. "It shows we are doing a good job in the community and people are willing to help. The most important part is this is an amazing opportunity not only for my foundation, but multiple foundations in the City of Pittsburgh. Whenever you can affect so many people with an event, it means so much not just to my foundation, but to all of the foundations."

Celebrity Care Fest is an annual fundraising event hosted by HM3 Partners Independence Fund. The HM3 Partners Independence Fund is a Pennsylvania, non-profit, tax exempt organization created in 2014 for the benefit of community organizations, groups and individuals involved in advancement of causes honoring and supporting our country, our community, and Caring for others less fortunate.

Celebrity Care Fest took place in a backyard setting, with a strolling dinner, the concert and was topped off by a laser-light and fireworks show.

"It's a unique event because of the venue," said Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert, who is on the board of HM3 Partners Independence Fund. "You have two Hall of Fame type entertainment groups performing at a private residence. They build a stage, there is food and beverage and the entertainment is top notch. It's a unique event.

"The mission is to help local charitable groups, and that is something we are happy we are able to do. It's a fun night."

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