Flowers: 'I started to get nervous'

Leading up to the NFL Draft, current and former Steelers' players will be sharing their Draft Day Memories. In this installment, former safety Lee Flowers shared his memories. 

Lee Flowers
Fifth Round – 1995
Georgia Tech

Lee Flowers is happy the Steelers called, but as he told me, he almost ended up in Philadelphia, and there was even talk of Cleveland.

"It's a funny story," said Flowers. "Danny Smith who is the special teams coach here now, he was in Philadelphia at the time. Pittsburgh called me, and Philadelphia was calling in right after Pittsburgh. When they drafted me I was happy I got drafted, fifth round pick. I started to get nervous.

"When Pittsburgh called and drafted me it was one of the best days of my life, besides the birth of my kids.

"It was an up and down day. I was told I was going to go to the Browns in the third round, and thank God I didn't go there. I ended up slipping down to the fifth round. Things happen in your life for a reason. What better outcome could be to go to the Steelers? It was a very important day. My dad was really happy. He was running out of the room and yelling when he saw my name go up on the television screen. I was like settle down; I am on the phone with them. It was a great day."

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