Final thoughts: Unanimous Support

Here are a few final thoughts following the Steelers' Monday night walkoff win.


WHAT THEY WERE THINKING:**The response in the locker room afterward was unanimous in support of Tomlin's go-for-it approach at the end of regulation with the Steelers down, 20-17.

A sampling:

Wide receiver Antonio Brown: "84: "We gotta make it work. Le'Veon Bell, we have a lot of confidence in him. I knew it was two run plays, Coach (Tomlin) already let us know he was calling two runs regardless of the situation. (Bell) against a linebacker one-on-one, I think he should win that matchup every time."

Guard Ramon Foster: "I knew we were going to make it, the play that we called, the situation, the defense they were in, I didn't think there was any way they could defend it, especially the way Le'Veon runs. It was all or nothing, I think. It was a situation we've been in consistently in practice. Le'Veon's made that before. We've blocked that up before. We knew the defense we were going to get."

Guard David DeCastro: "Let's get it in, that's all you can do. You see the time on the clock and that's your mindset."

Center Cody Wallace: "I love the call. We had an overtime game (on Oct. 1 against Baltimore). We didn't want to go through that again."


WILD ABOUT THE WILDCAT:**The Steelers dabbled with the Wildcat formation - quarterback Mike Vick lined up wide as a receiver and a direct snap to Bell - before they eventually dialed it up with the game on the line.

They think they're onto something.

"I think it's a pretty good element for us," Brown said.

Added Foster: "Le'Veon's comfortable with it. We're a team that can block it up. It's not going to be perfect every time. I think (the Chargers' defense) made a couple plays early with that play. But in that dire situation right there (Bell) did what he did and we blocked it up how we're supposed to."

The Steelers first tried the Wildcat on their third offensive snap and gained 2 yards after Bell handed off to running back DeAngelo Williams.

On the next snap, Bell kept the ball and gained 6 from the Wildcat.

Two second-quarter attempts netted a combined 2 yards.

The last Wildcat snap of the game won the game.

"I think we did a good job with the Wildcat," Bell insisted. "The first run with (Williams), I kinda got in his way a little bit. He's cutting the ball back. He's about to have a big run. We were able to run it and give different looks. The defense was a little confused."

Said Tomlin of the Wildcat: "It was time to go to the mattresses."

Wallace appreciated the Wildcat forcing the defense to "respect" Vick lined up as a wide receiver.

But would Bell have really thrown to Vick had Vick been uncovered?

"Maybe we'll put that in next week," DeCastro said. "One step at a time."


The Pittsburgh Steelers traveled to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California to face the Chargers in Week 5.

HE LIKES MIKE: **Through three quarters the Steelers had managed seven first downs, they had converted two of 10 third downs (20 perfect) and Vick had 78 net yards passing.

But Tomlin remained committed to his fill-in QB.

"Because he's Mike," Tomlin said. "He has a 15-year resume. This guy has seen about all that this game has to offer. He has unique abilities that you can't coach. That's why for the time being he's our quarterback."

Vick said he was able to hang in there thanks to "a lot of encouragement from my teammates, Ben continued to encourage me throughout the entire game. The offensive line, all the guys stuck in there, hung in there with me. They understand I'm still learning.

"We just fought, fought hard and never gave up, continued to encourage each other and we were able to pull it out."

THEY SAID IT:"I always told those guys if I got the ball in my hand I was going to score. I was fortunate enough to back up my tough talk. I wouldn't say I was waiting on it but it was the perfect call for that play. They did exactly what we needed them to do and I was fortunate enough to make a play." _ cornerback Antwon Blake on his 70-yard interception return for a touchdown.

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