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Fichtner on his relationship with Ben

Randy Fichtner hasn't had the opportunity to dive into the job of being the Steelers offensive coordinator just yet, as he has spent the majority of the time since being promoted from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach preparing to coach the AFC squad in Sunday's Pro Bowl.

But when the coaches return to Pittsburgh next week, he will do just that.

"We'll dissect it, chew it up, and look at the good, bad and ugly from last season," said Fichtner. "Try to see how we can make it better. And always adapt to your personal and adapt to your coaches, and bring input. It will always be a 'we'. That is how I operate."

Fichtner will have the luxury of operating with a quarterback he already has a strong bond with in Ben Roethlisberger, as the two have worked together for the past eight years, share a mutual respect and have a strong relationship.

"You build it over time and trust," said Fichtner. "I think it's probably real important offensively when you are talking about timing and things like that.

"Maybe an understanding, and time. You build up time and an emotional bank account with people. Consistency maybe. I have been a constant in the room for him. Likewise for me. He has been in that room as long as I have been. There is comfort in that. It comes down to communication and honesty and things like that. That is how you are going to move forward, play good football, and be good people and that type of thing."

After the season Roethlisberger said he wants to play several more years, and that is something that no doubt is music to Fichtner's ears as he said he will continue to rely on Roethlisberger, something he would be 'neglectful' if he didn't have that communication with him.   

"If he is having fun, and he is healthy, and we can have honest dialogue about where are you, then I think his decision moving forward will always be based on his ability to help the team win," said Fichtner. "He only wants to win. That is the only thing I know about him. He wants to win football games. The other things don't matter. If he is having fun in an attempt to win those games, and giving us the best chance to win those games, I hope he plays as long as he wants to play."

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