Even animals are Steelers' fans

You would be hard pressed to find many people in Pittsburgh that make Brett Keisel and Heath Miller look small, but that was the case on Saturday when they met Tasha, an African Bush elephant, and the other elephants at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium on Saturday.

Tasha weighs in at 8,695 pounds, which according to Tracy Gray, public/media manager at the zoo, that's more than the entire Steelers defense weighs.

The elephants took part in the zoo's Steelers Pep Rally, showing off their team pride by waving a Terrible Towel and sporting black and gold.

"It is a lot of fun and very unique, especially for us," said Gray. "We get to incorporate our animals into the pep rally scheme of things. We aren't just entertaining, but it provides an opportunity for our animals to do something different from their normal routines.

"We are all big Steelers fans here and we are excited to cheer the Steelers on to a great winning season and incorporating the animals and our visitors in to do it. The animals seem to enjoy it. It's almost like they know they are cheering."

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