Edmunds: 'We all dreamt about it'

The past 24 hours could easily be described in one word for Steelers No. 1 draft pick Terrell Edmunds.


Edmunds was at AT&T Stadium in Dallas on Thursday night for the NFL Draft, hoping to hear his name called, but also there for his younger brother, Tremaine, projected to be a first-round pick. And when the Buffalo Bills took Tremaine with the No. 16 overall pick, his older brother was thrilled.

Then his moment came. While taking a 'bathroom break,' Edmunds phone rang.

"I said I was going to the restroom, and my older brother told me to stay," said Edmunds, who left just before the Steelers were on the clock. "I told him I would be right back. I was in the restroom washing my hands. My phone was on the sink. Coach (Mike Tomlin) called me. I was so excited I grabbed a paper towel real quick, dried off my hands, ran out there and talked to my parents so excited. I got myself together, talked to coach, and walked on stage. When my name was called the excitement level went from a Level 10 to a Level 12. It was out of the roof. Everybody was excited.  

"Seeing (Ryan) Shazier handing me the jersey made it even crazier. It was a great moment for me seeing him up there smiling. And seeing him walking and giving me the jersey. That was the moment of the draft. That was big for everyone."

The Edmunds, whose father Ferrell Edmunds played for the Miami Dolphins, set NFL history, becoming the only brothers to ever be selected in the first round of the same draft. And like T.J. Watt last year, there are now three Edmunds brothers in the NFL, with older brother Trey a running back for the New Orleans Saints.

When Terrell's selection was announced by Shazier, Tremaine was making the media rounds already at AT&T Stadium and was thrilled to hear the news. Terrell felt the same way when Tremaine was drafted.

"It's a blessing for my family overall," said Edmunds. "It didn't matter where (Tremaine) went and I went. I'm thankful to everyone for supporting us all the way.

"Last night when we got back to the hotel, and all of the family was there together eating, we were like did this really just happen. It was an amazing moment. We were all excited.    

"We always had talks about (all playing in the NFL). My dad always told us just because he went to the NFL doesn't mean that it's the plan for us. He told us we can do whatever we want. If we wanted to do a sport, we had to put our all into it to get there. That has been our mindset through it all. We all dreamt about it. We all wanted to do it. Now that it's happening, next year is going to be amazing."

Edmunds arrived in Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon, holding his introductory press conference at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex and having a hard time containing his excitement for his new home.

"I am excited to be here. I am ready to be a Steeler," said Edmunds. "I am ready to get things started. A lot of my friends are diehard Pittsburgh fans. I know the fan base is amazing."

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