Draft picks get their numbers

For some, it's merely a number. One or two digits on the front, back and shoulders of a jersey.

For others, it's an identity. Something used by coaches, teammates and even media to refer to a player. Something they take pride in, something with meaning, and something special to see fans wearing in the stands.

Steelers' draft picks were assigned their numbers, signifying a new beginning in some cases, and in others they are a carryover from their college numbers.

Here is a look at the numbers the rookie draft class will wear.

2018 Steelers Draft Class Numbers
Terrell Edmunds – No. 34
James Washington – No. 13
Mason Rudolph – No. 2
Chukwuma Okorafor – No. 76
Marcus Allen – No. 27
Jaylen Samuels – No. 38
Joshua Frazier – No. 69

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