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Day 2 is all about the offense


No maintenance:** If the Steelers were looking for a receiver who isn't a 'one trick pony,' they found him in second-round pick James Washington from Oklahoma State.

Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner said he comes in with the ability to play multiple positions, and is excited to have the explosive receiver in the mix, especially after the team traded Martavis Bryant to the Raiders on Thursday.

"Tough guy, runs fast, scores touchdowns," said Fichtner. "If you look you see a lot of long catches. He likes to go down the yard. That is a need we were looking for. We are excited to have him. He runs fast and is powerful. He has a knack for getting down the yard.

"He is well-conditioned. He plays strong. He is not one of those maintenance guys. He is no maintenance. He is intelligent. We would expect he would have the ability to come in, learn and hold down a position pretty quickly."


QB time:** During the Steelers pre-draft press conference General Manager Kevin Colbert didn't rule out the potential of drafting a quarterback. And for good reason.

The Steelers traded up in the third round with the Seattle Seahawks, moving up three spots to the 76th overall pick, and gave the Seahawks one of their seventh round picks, the 220th overall.

With the 76th pick they selected quarterback Mason Rudolph, another Oklahoma State standout.

"Big, strong, athletic," said Fichtner. "A pretty accomplished player at his school. He is a winner. Very talented. Throws the deep ball really well. It's a value here. Something we like to do and something we have done very effectively."


Right in line:** Offensive line coach Mike Munchak didn't think he would be adding to his group this early in the draft, but was thrilled to bring depth to the line with the selection of tackle Chukwuma "Chukes" Okorafor from Western Michigan in the third round, the 92nd pick overall. The Steelers lost tackle Chris Hubbard, who brought plenty of versatility to the offense, and Munchak said Okorafor can play either right or left tackle, something they found attractive even if he has only been playing football for a short time.

"He is a guy that is going to fit what we are looking for," said Munchak. "He can play right or left tackle. Great size, great strength. I am excited about the opportunity to work with him. I am excited to add someone of his caliber, someone who has a chance to grow, improve.

"The goal would be he can play both sides. He can help us right away competing at those spots."

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