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Davis to be honored by Boys & Girls Club


By Teresa Varley Fullback Carey Davis knows the importance of a Boys & Girls Club, having gone to one in his hometown from the time he was around just eight years old until he was a teenager.
"I played basketball there, played football there," said Davis. "It was good to get out and be in an environment around other kids, have fun, grow up and learn as well.
"I learned hard work. You had guys competing against each other. It started you off at an early age of what competition is and how to deal with winning and losing. That is one of the things I learned."
Davis would hang out at the Matthews-Dickey Boys & Girls Club in St. Louis, Missouri, just having fun and being a kid. He knows that those types of places are even more important today as they provide a safe environment for kids.
"It keeps kids off the street," said Davis. "You have a lot of other kids there around your age doing positive things. When you are out on the street there are a lot of things you can get in to, a lot of trouble. The Boys and Girls Club helps you stay out of those things."
Davis still goes back to the Matthews-Dickey Boys & Girls Club, but also lends a hand to help out the Boys & Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania. That is why he is being honored this year at the Boys & Girls Club Gridiron Taste and Talent at the Heinz History Center and Sports Museum on Friday, Sept. 26.

"I love helping kids," said Davis. "It's something I always said when I grow up that's what I wanted to do. It was my lifelong dream to be in the NFL. I said once I made it I would go back and help kids out."

Davis returned to the Matthews-Dickey B&G Club this past offseason and shared with them some words of encouragement.
"Growing up I never got to see athletes of any type in any sport except on TV," said Davis. "For me to be able to go back and talk to the kids and let them know I came from the same place as them and anything that you want is possible."
Click for tickets or more information on the Gridiron Taste and Talent.

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