Davis encourages kids to get fit





By Teresa Varley


Carey Davis got kids moving when he took part in What Moves U , a program that the Steelers, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and American Heart Association have teamed up for.


Davis jumped rope, did jumping jacks and other physical activities with kids at Highland Middle School as a part of a program that combines healthy living with education.


"You have to stay in shape," said Davis. "You don't want to be out of shape when you get older and have problems come up with your health. Staying in shape prevents that stuff in the long run."


What Moves U is a curriculum-based activity program designed to fight childhood obesity by motivating middle school students to get up and move. Teachers incorporate physical activity into their lesson plans to help children become more fit while they learn.

"Lately our society, especially the kids, get stuck into playing video games and just sit in the house in the air conditioning," said Davis. "When I was a kid I wanted to go outside and play all of the time. I think its good the kids are talking about it in school and the parents at home."

With the summer months approaching Davis thinks this is the perfect time for kids to take advantage of the opportunity to get physically fit.


"You can't sit in front of the PlayStation and eat junk food all day," said Davis. "That isn't healthy at all. You have to get outside, run, ride your bike, or play basketball. Whatever it is you do in the summer time, get outside and sweat and run and have fun."


And Davis is someone who practiced what he preaches when he was a kid.


"I couldn't wait for the summertime to come," said Davis "We liked to go outside and play basketball, ride our bikes, play football. Anything we could do outside we did. I just liked being outside running around with my friends."

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