Crezdon Butler Conference Call


Cornerback - Clemson

5th Round – 164th Overall

Where did they say they might use you here?


Right before your pick they brought back Bryant McFadden, who used to play here? They brought him back from Arizona, what do you think about being selected immediately after a former second-round pick?

It feels good just to be drafted. Seeing your name just pop up on the screen, it just feels good.

How much contact have you had with the Steelers before they picked you?

I talked to them at the combine, matter of fact that was the first team I met with at the combine. Then they called me after a couple days, so we've been in contact probably the most.

I know the fans were wondering if they were going to take a corner, there were a lot of folks wondering how they would help the defensive backfield after last year. Do you think this makes sense is it a logical fit for you?

I think so, I think they've seen the film and they realized that I'm a pretty good player. I'm ready to do whatever they want me do once I get there. Whether its playing corner or help out on special teams.

How much special teams experience do you have?

I played all special teams. I played kickoff and kickoff return, I played it all at Clemson.

I've noticed that you made one interception your senior year, were teams throwing away from you because of your reputation?

Yes sir, from what I could tell the first five games I had five passes broken up, they didn't really start throwing my way until the end of the season, so I ended up with one interception.

How would you describe yourself? As a physical player are you more of a cover guy?

I'm physical and I can cover. I'll come down and make the hit and I'll support the run, and I'll cover the best receiver. They put me on the best receiver at Clemson a lot, and I want to continue that.

At Clemson did you guys play much zone blitz?

My first two or three years we played zone, cover 2 scheme and my senior year more man with pressure.

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