Opponents on Steelers

Cowboys are talking Ben, AB & 'Here We Go'

This week will be a classic NFL matchup when the Steelers host the Dallas Cowboys at Heinz Field, pairing two teams that have met in the Super Bowl three times.

Nobody on the current rosters played in any of those games, but the Cowboys know the Steelers have plenty of weapons they are going to have to deal with on Sunday, including Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell.

"They have a lot of weapons," said Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett. "It starts with the quarterback. He is a great football player and has been for a long, long time. You look at the guys they have outside, their receivers, they're dynamic playmakers. They make a ton of big plays. Their runners are outstanding. The tight end can be productive.

"They are just really, really good. They use them well. They always seem to be on the attack making plays down the field. There are challenges all over the place."

And Garrett knows Brown is one of the biggest challenges.  

"No. 84 is a great player," said Garrett. "He is a guy who can make a ton of plays down the field. He makes a ton of plays running with the ball after he catches. They try to get it into his hands as many ways as possible.

"They have other guys. No. 14 (Sammie Coates) makes a ton of plays down the field. The runners are big time players. They attack you so many different ways and we have to play our best ball game Sunday up there in Pittsburgh."  

Linebacker Sean Lee said defending Roethlisberger is going to be a challenge for the Cowboys defense, something that he knows they have to be at their best to do.

"It's extremely hard to defend him," said Lee. "He is a Hall of Famer, he can make every throw. He is a playmaker. He is a guy who can move around and make unbelievable plays and throws. He has shown that through his career. We are going to have to be at our best. When you play Hall of Fame quarterbacks the margin for error is extremely small. Defensively we have to be on point and we can't make mistakes."

Lee, who is originally from Pittsburgh, said he is looking forward to playing at Heinz Field and had plenty of love for the black and gold as a kid.

"I did grow up a Steelers fan," said Lee. "Growing up in Pittsburgh there is no other option. The rivalry was big when I was young. Super Bowl XXX, I think I was in third grade and I was the guy brining the 'Here We Go' theme song to recess playing it over and over again.

"(My dad and I) watched football every Sunday. We watched the Steelers every Sunday. It was fun. The tone the Steelers set for the city and the great franchise they have been."

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