Coming together to help others

Twitter beefs.

We have all seen them, and sometimes they can turn ugly, with comments going back and forth in a nasty manner.

But sometimes, in the rarest of occasions, they can turn into something special.

Earlier this year Colin Dunlap, from 93.7 The Fan, made critical comments about the Steelers play calling, specifically mentioning throwing the ball to Ryan Switzer. Switzer went back, and after some back and forth banter it turned into doing something positive. Dunlap offered $20 per catch to a charity of Switzer's choice, and Switzer agreed and pledged $40 per catch to the oncology unit at UPMC Children's Hospital, where Dunlap's daughter is a patient.

"There was a little dispute on Twitter. That is going to happen," said Switzer. "But we handled it like grown men should, we came together for a good cause, one I am proud to be associated with.

"I want to handle things the right way. I know the spotlight that is on us. I know the influence I can have on maybe younger kids. It was a chance for me to show who I am as a person. I am proud of the outcome."

The Ryan Switzer Reception Challenge is growing by the day. It's up to almost $15,000, thanks to donations from teammates, fans and others.

"T.J. (Watt) was the first. I really appreciated that," said Switzer. "Guys mentioned they wanted to help. It makes me feel like I am a part of the Steelers family, the organization. It's nice they backed me on that. I appreciate that.

"Pittsburgh has embraced me tremendously. People are extremely nice when they see me out. They are great. It's my job as a professional athlete and the platform I have been given to do something. It's something that came out of the blue, but it's turned into something nice and it's a good start for me to get involved in the community."

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