Colbert breaks down each position for the draft

-- "To go through the positions, the running backs, we think it's a deep group. The quarterbacks, it may lack a marquee guy and it may not. I think if you polled all 32 teams, they'd probably have those quarterbacks rated differently, but there certainly are starters that are Pro Bowl capable in that group. It will be interesting to see how they unfold."

-- "The receivers, we think that's a great position. They come in all shapes and sizes, big, small and return capable. It's really a great group."

-- "Interior offensive linemen, the depth probably isn't as good as it has been. It never usually is, but the quality is probably better than it has been. The tackles are a really good group."

-- "The safeties are kind of like the interior offensive linemen, not necessarily deep but the quality is good. Cornerbacks are solid."

-- "The outside linebackers are very good. Middle linebackers are like the safeties, not deep but good quality. And the defensive line, when you put together the 3-4 and the 4-3 capable guys, which we have to do, because there are 32 teams picking these guys, that's a deep group as well."

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