Coach Tomlin Post-Game vs. Bucs

Head Coach Mike Tomlin:I'll start by complimenting Coach Smith and the Buccaneers. They did what was necessary to win the game. But after a performance like that, I think it's appropriate that we look within and look at what it is that we are doing. The bottom line is that we are an undisciplined group. We are too highly penalized. Obviously we are not coaching it. We are allowing it to happen. So I take responsibility for that. We are not going to win close football games being penalized in the manner in which we've been penalized over the first month of the season. It's unacceptable. It's inexcusable. In a nutshell, that is the story of the outcome of the performance. There are some positive things and there are some negative things any time you play football. That is the case. But the defining factor in determining the outcome of that football game is that we were too highly penalized. It's ridiculous.

What can you do about the penalties as the coach?We need to fix it. And if we don't we will continue to lose close football games. It's just that simple. Some of the penalties are technical or orientation-like, facemask penalties and things of that nature. Our tackling technique needs to improve. But some of the pre-snap and post-snap and post-play penalties are just lacking discipline. We have to fix it. I have to fix it. And I will.


The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced off in Week 4 at Heinz Field.

Re: Lots of hands to the face penalties:**That's kind of a point of emphasis in today's NFL, this year, 2014. Those are minimal. That's a five-yard penalty, maybe a first down. I am talking about pre-play penalties, false starts, encroachment. Post-play penalties are ridiculous. That we have full control over.

Re: Illegal snap call on Maurkice Pouncey:I didn't get an explanation for it.

Re: Getting the ball back on offense and not putting the game away:If we don't get a five-yard penalty, in all likelihood we do. It's just that simple. We kicked our own butt today with penalties.

Re: Lots of drops today:Those were insignificant I think in the big scheme of things. Most of them were early on. We settled down and we played. What was consistent throughout is that we were highly penalized.

Any differences this week in your preparation?Every time you step into a stadium you get an opportunity to rectify all your ills. And I expect us to continue to do that. We aren't going to change how we work. I think how we work is appropriate. We are not getting the desired results. We have to focus on that.

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