Coach Tomlin Post-Game at Packers


Opening Comments:** A very hard fought game. I've got a lot of respect for this football team and what was at stake for both sides. Tough environment to come in and do the job. I compliment our football team on their mettle, their singular focus in the midst of a lot of adversity, a good football team, a hostile crowd, and all of those things. They just stayed together and fought and I have to give them credit for that. We sustained some injuries and so forth along the way. Jarvis Jones had the flu and he couldn't go. Lost him last night, this morning. (Terence) Garvin has a knee injury he'll be evaluated. Emmanuel Sanders has a knee injury, he'll be evaluated. We'll have some adjustments if we lose some of those guys. I'll give you the additional information when we get it tomorrow. Largely appreciate the guys, had to take a couple of calculated risks there. I appreciate them making them happen, making them good calls, and we'll move forward. 

Was one of those risks not taking a knee and just kicking a field goal and running out the clock at the end?
I am not into that. We had the opportunity to put the ball in the end zone. In weather conditions like that anything can happen. The snapper could roll the ball back, the ball could go through the snappers hands, etc. Given the opportunity to score, we're going to score. We felt comfortable putting our defense on the field and winning. 

Can you talk about the blocked field goal and what was explained to you?
They screwed it up in my opinion but I will wait to hear judgment from those that evaluate performances and so forth. We got penalized on the play for batting, but I thought we had possession of the ball prior to batting. It would have been our possession. We should have maintained possession of the ball, but it didn't unfold that way. They ruled that we didn't have possession of the ball so that put the batting of the football back into their possession.  I wanted to challenge it but they said it was not a challengeable play.

Why isn't it a challengeable play?
Don't ask me.

They did have the rule right, though?
My contention was we had possession of the football before the batting. I didn't get an opportunity to state that case because it was not challengeable.

Should you have not done the lateral there?
I am not passing judgment on that. Those guys are fighting, clawing, trying to win. Like I said the other week when you have the ball on PAT or field goal block that is one of the purest opportunities to score in football because of the non-tacklers on the other unit. I am not going to change my stance on it in a couple of weeks.

Can you talk about the rule not being reviewable?
I am not here to evaluate the rule. I am just telling you what happened in the stadium, all of those things are for a discussion at another more appropriate time. I am interested in talking about what transpired in the football game.

What can you say about the energy and emotion the team showed?
We are battled tested, but we did it to ourselves. There is only one way to respond to the situation that we are in, it's either that or fold the tents up. We are not into that. It's required. It's appreciated, but it's required.

To clarify there was no consideration given to taking a knee?

Your playoff chances so slim, are they more realistic now?
Our mentality hasn't changed. We can only control what it is that we can control. To win the games that are presented to us, the challenge of the week. We hadn't done enough of that to this point in the season that is why we are in this position. We better stay singularly focused on that.

Were you aware of the others scores, or are you now?
I was not, I am now.

How is Jason Worilds?
He is going to be fine. He is playing a lot.


Who raised the idea for the fake field goal?**
We have been working that all year just waiting for an appropriate time. Again the congratulations goes to guys like Mat(McBriar). He is employed to punt the ball, not throw the ball. We rolled him out, gave him multiple options, he made the appropriate read and a good throw to boot.

Are you disappointed not being able to milk more clock on your last possession?
I am just glad we won the football game. I am.

Can you speak to the play Troy Polamalu made and then the Brett Keisel recovery on it?
I could speak to it, but I could also speak to a myriad of plays by a lot of people. Just a great team effort by a lot of people. We come to expect plays like that from Troy. We had a bunch of significant plays. Will Johnson in the flat on fourth down and others. Just a good team effort. We don't have a lot of time to admire our work. We have to get ready to go again and I am sure we look forward to doing that.

Can you talk about the performance of Le'Veon Bell?
He is a good player and he is getting better every week. That is evident to everyone that watches him. He is a complete player. He is an all situations player. He is a young guy. We'll keep working, try to keep him humble and singularly focused on improving and helping us win.

Did you have an angry football team after that blocked field goal?
I am not going to speak for them. I was angry.

You scored 14 points in 18 seconds after that. Was that your statement?
I was angry.

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