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Steelers' players take great pride putting on their jersey every Sunday, representing not just themselves, but the organization and the history that comes along with it.

This Sunday players will be representing one of the first teams in franchise history when they wear the 1934 throwback uniforms.

"I love representing the tradition and the history," said defensive end Cam Heyward. "I wish we could wear all of our throwback jerseys. It pays tribute to them and it's kind of cool to see what we would have looked like back then."

Rookie Vince Williams is looking forward to his first opportunity to sport the throwback look against the Detroit Lions at Heinz Field on Sunday.

"I am extremely excited to wear it and be a part of the rich heritage of the Steelers," said Williams. "It's going to be a tremendous honor. I always look forward to doing things like that. I am a big fan of tradition."

The throwback jersey is the same one the Steelers wore in two games last year, against the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens.  Want to get your own piece of Steelers nostalgia? Get your throwback jerseys here."

"I am excited to get to wear it this year," said cornerback William Gay, who was with the Arizona Cardinals last season. "I watched on television last year when the guys wore them. You heard all of the comments about the bumblebee jerseys, but it looked pretty cool. It puts you in the mindset that you are touching the legends by wearing the jerseys. I wish we could wear them more times than we do."

The jerseys are black and gold horizontal stripes with block numbers in a white box and will once again be worn with tan pants and black and gold striped socks.

"It's a change up," said tackle Marcus Gilbert. "Wearing jerseys like this is meaningful. It represents the past and great history of the Steelers organization. We will wear it with pride. We will wear it with swag."

The only change from the 1934 look is the Steelers will be wearing the traditional black helmets, not the leather ones that were worn then, even though safety Ryan Clark would like some kind of adaptation of the helmet – in appearance only.

"I like them," said Clark. "There is such a big fuss around them which is cool. I think they look cool, they look throwback. The other throwback jerseys looked like alternate, not throwback. They seemed too modern. These are a great ode to the 1930s. That is how we looked.

"The only thing we need are some 'leatherish looking' helmets, just not real leather."

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