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Opponents on Steelers

Chiefs talk about Ben, Bell & Harrison

The Steelers and Chiefs are no strangers to each other, having played Week 4 of the season. The Steelers won that matchup, 43-14, but both teams are different now, having grown as the season has gone on.

One thing that hasn't changed, though, is Le'Veon Bell is a key to what the Steelers do on offense and the Chiefs are going to have to focus on stopping him.

"He's a good player," said Coach Andy Reid. "He has a unique style about him. That delay to get to the line of scrimmage. It's been effective for him. He's really the only one that does it, so it's unique. The obvious thing is you have to contain him and take care of your gaps, for sure. He is the most patient that I've ever seen. That's a unique style, one that he's kind of created."

More from the Chiefs.

Andy Reid on what Ben Roethlisberger is doing now that he wasn't five-seven years ago:
"Ben is a great player first off. I thought he was pretty good before. He won a Super Bowl as a young guy and now that he is up there a little bit he is still very effective. I am sure he would tell you the more reps he has, the better he sees things. That helps accuracy and everything else, efficiency."

Quarterback Alex Smith on what he thinks when sees how William Gay is playing at age 38:
"He is still playing at a really high level. He is still playing, still going. He hasn't slowed down much. He makes plays all over the place. He isn't just rushing the passer. He moves around, drops into coverage. He has been in that system for a long time. He knows it well. He is still playing at a high level for an old guy. It's really a credit to him and the work ethic. He hasn't slowed down much at all."

Smith on if Harrison is still considered 'scary' to face:
"You are talking about a former defensive MVP. He is playing at a very high level. He is still very physical, playing fast, he's smart. He has seen a lot of football so in that sense he is probably even better. He is very instinctive out there. I still think brings a lot of energy to that defense."

Reid on if the loss to the Steelers is motivating his team this week:
"Pittsburgh did a great job against us. They got after us. We respect the heck out of them. We know they are a good football team. We are going back to the drawing board and see if we can compete against them."

Safety Eric Berry on Bell's running style:
"It's different. A lot of people focus on coaching technique, but it's a little easier to diagnose technique and figure out what it is. When you have a unique style, along with technique it's a little difficult. His style is unique and very unorthodox. He does a good job of changing paces. It's just playing good technique against him and understanding the style of run he has."

Smith on the Steelers defense and the secondary:
"That defense plays as a unit. Everybody is in tune with what is going on. They all get on the same page and play fast. That defense makes you prepare for a lot. They do it all. On the back and front end they play about every coverage there is. They do about every front there is. Everybody can be blitzing, everybody can be dropping. That is the type of defense it is. It's a big challenge. On the back end the guys have to be jack of all trades. They have to do it all."

Berry on Roethlisberger:
"He is who he is. He's a great quarterback."

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