Opponents on Steelers

Cardinals are talking about Duck, 'D' and more

The Steelers take on the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday at State Farm Stadium, a matchup against an NFC team that is coming off a tough 34-7 loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, who earned words of praise from Coach Mike Tomlin on Tuesday, didn't mince words when talking about the loss.

"It's just a disgusting feeling," said Murray. "I'm sure you were disgusted watching it. I was disgusted being in it.
"Losing is losing, but that last game was a different type of losing."

This is a game the Steelers need to win to stay in the playoff hunt, while it's one the Cardinals want bad so they can rebound.

It will be a tough test and the Cardinals know they will have their hands full.

"Very tough team, mentally tough, physically tough," said Cardinals Coach Kliff Kingsbury. "Defensively, since acquiring (Minkah) Fitzpatrick, they've really played good defense. They just find ways to win. They're winners. That franchise is known for that. They have their third string free agent quarterback playing at a really high level, and you can tell they're playing hard for him. It'll be a big challenge coming in."

The Cardinals weighed in more on the Steelers, including talking about Devlin Hodges, James Washington, the defense and more.

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Kingsbury on Devlin Hodges:
"He has great poise. I was telling our media people having been in a similar situation, kind of being a fringe, two, three, practice squad type quarterback, to be able to step in like he has done, the way he handled himself with poise, made some clutch throws, it's really impressive to watch."

Kingsbury on the Steelers offense:
"They are definitely playing better, I think. Having the quarterback get the reps in practice, you can see the comfort level building there. Everybody getting used to the type of play they are going to play with, with Devlin at quarterback. It makes it smoother when you practice that way and get to the games, easier transition when you know what's coming, know what to expect."

Quarterback Kyler Murray on the Steelers defense:
"Great defense."

Kingsbury on talking to those on the team and coaching staff about the Steelers:
"We have a few guys that have some familiarity. Coach James Saxon was there last year. They talk about the toughness, the prideful group that is the Steelers organization. We know it's going to be a heck of a battle on Sunday."

Kingsbury on what he expects to see from Steelers offense:
"I would think they are going to take some shots. James Washington is a guy I am all too familiar with having watched him light us up there at Texas Tech for a number of years. He is coming in to his own. He is one of the best high-point catchers in football I have seen in college and he is doing it now in the NFL. Throw a nice deep ball, you recognize the coverage and they started pushing the ball down the field more."

Kingsbury on what he has seen from the Steelers defense:
"They have 10 first rounders in some capacity playing at a high level. (Minkah) Fitzpatrick coming in really shored up that secondary. They play with an edge, play with an attitude. Coach (Mike) Tomlin has a toughness about that team, and you see it when that defense lines up."

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