Camp provides kids football fundamentals


The Steelers continue to embrace the youth football movement, recently hosting a two-day camp at Adamson Stadium on the campus of California University of Pennsylvania.

The instructional camp, which included non-contact drills and skill sessions, offered the kids the basic fundamentals of the game, taught by members of the Steelers coaching staff, former players and high school coaches.

"It's an opportunity for us to give back and do our own camp at an affordable price," said Steelers Youth Football marketing manager Mike Marchinsky. "It's a chance to teach the basics of football for a whole day and learn each position and then we have a competition the second day."

Wide receivers coach Scottie Montgomery and defensive assistant Jerry Olsavsky were among the coaches, sharing with the kids some of the same things they teach the Steelers players.

"Being around those young kids made me realize the true essence of the sport, camaraderie, friendship, having fun and the underlying foundation of everything, discipline," said Montgomery. "It was great to be out there. The most fun is seeing the highs and the lows. When they make a play they didn't believe they could make the expression on their face or the outbreak of excitement is unbelievable. You love to see that passion. When the kids left for the day they had a better fundamental understanding of the game.

"I also try to share a message with them. It's the same as when I talk to Hines Ward or Mike Wallace. Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent. The way you practice is the way you are going to play. If you go out and pay attention to detail, then you will have something to fall back on. At the end of the day you still want to go out and have a good time."

And a good time was definitely had by all, including six-year old Steeler Leep from Proctorville, Ohio who was attending his first camp with an equally excited dad.

"This is his first youth camp. This is very exciting," said his father Rusty Leep. "We are huge Steelers fans. This coming fall he will be old enough to play football. Having never played he has to learn the basics. We thought this would be the perfect place to do so. He is learning the right way and that is what I wanted.

"This is great for the kids and the community. The coaches and former players are so willing to help out the kids. They are out here volunteering their time and that is pretty nice."

All campers also receive two tickets to a Steelers preseason game and for many it will be their first visit to Heinz Field.

The Steelers will hold another Youth Football Camp at West Allegheny's*DeMichela Stadium in Imperial on July 21-22. For more information on the camp visit Steelers Youth Football Camps.Photo Galleries:  Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3*

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