Camp in Mexico special for players


Daniel Sepulveda was one of four Steelers players – along with Ziggy Hood, Keenan Lewis and Mike Wallace – who participated in a one-day football camp for youth in Mexico City. Here are some of Sepulveda's observations about the experience:

"There were far more people there than I was anticipating, but

more than that, the atmosphere was electric. They had an energy and enthusiasm about them that really caught me off guard, but in a good way. It was very enjoyable. It presented different challenges than a youth football camp in the United States, of course, but we welcomed those and made the most of it. My Spanish definitely came a long way just during that one day's work.

"Their understanding of football was difficult to gauge, although it's safe to say there were some kids who knew all the rules and had played before, and there were some who had no concept of the game but were happy to meet an NFL player. They certainly were familiar with the Steelers, because I fielded many questions about other players on the team. The people we interacted with loved the Steelers, no question about it."

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