Camp, Greene's enshrinement getting closer

It was a busy week preparing for 2016 Steelers Training Camp and Kevin Greene's Hall of Fame enshrinement.


It took Lynn Swann 14 years to get into the Hall of Fame, but it was worth the wait.
Good things come to those who wait, and for Lynn Swann that wait had to have seemed like an eternity. It took 14 years for the former Steelers wide receiver to get the call from the Hall of Fame, but it was worth the every minute of it.

The annual event in Latrobe also features Steelers Fest, a full practice and fireworks.
The Steelers will go back to their high school roots during training camp when they host Friday Night Lights on Aug. 5 at Latrobe Memorial Stadium. This year there will be an added dimension this year that will bring the excitement of the practice to fans who won't be able to attend. ESPN's SportsCenter on the Road will be broadcasting live from Latrobe Memorial Stadium from 7-9 p.m.

Kevin Greene visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame in advance of Enshrinement Weekend.
The questions were plentiful. The answers thorough. But despite it all, the first visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to prepare for his enshrinement this summer was overwhelming for former Steelers linebacker Kevin Greene.

Steelers' Chairman Dan Rooney Sr. has had an impact on the Steelers, and the entire NFL.
There aren't many Pro Football Hall of Famers that are inducted one day, and then back to work for what they were inducted for the next day. But there also aren't many Hall of Famers like Dan Rooney Sr. Rooney is one of the NFL's most influential owners and a pivotal figure in the growth and development of the league.

Getting to Know:

Learn more about the Steelers' rookie offensive tackle.
Who is your football mentor or inspiration? That's kind of hard. There are a few of them. Probably Joe Staley. I've just loved his game. He wasn't always the biggest guy, but he uses things like his mind to get him through. I feel like I do that a lot too.

Chuck Noll did it his way, and it worked perfectly in Pittsburgh.
Charles Henry Noll, "The Emperor," truly was the man who changed who the Pittsburgh Steelers were and continue to be.

This installment is the best of Bob Labriola answering your questions about the Steelers and the NFL.
With Bob Labriola enjoying a summer break, we've gone through recent editions of Asked & Answered and selected a few memorable questions...and answers.

Former Steelers' players share their training camp memories.
"Training camp was nothing like it is today. It was bump and grind, two a days, full gear. Those were the days. We still talk about that."

Getting to Know:

Learn more about the Steelers' cornerback.
Who is your football mentor or inspiration? I guess it started with my dad, Keith Cockrell. He's the one who got me involved in it early on. I was about three or four when I started playing football. He was my mentor all the way through.

Jack Lambert wasn't a linebacker to be messed with.
He was one of the most menacing linebackers ever to play in the NFL, known fondly as "Jack Splat" or "Dracula in Cleats." When opposing players looked across the line, they would see the fierce look in his eyes, the intense glare, the missing teeth, and there were times they didn't want to take the snap.



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