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Butler on Shazier: 'He is confident, but not cocky'

Some of the Steelers defensive coaches took a few minutes to talk after the team's afternoon minicamp practice, including linebackers coach Keith Butler and defensive backs coach Carnell Lake.

The following are some snippets of what they had to say.


Butler on number one draft pick Ryan Shazier:**"He is a fine young man in my opinion. He is confident, but not cocky. Those are two good traits to have in this league because sooner or later somebody is going to make you humble. He knows that. He knows he is a rookie. He realizes he has to earn the respect of his teammates and he is trying hard to do that."

Butler on how Shazier is picking up the defense:"Very well. He reminds me a lot of Larry Foote in terms of football intelligence. He is a very sharp guy. He has a lot to learn but he is picking it up fast. He understands concepts very well."

Lake on how valuable minicamp is for Troy Polamalu and Mike Mitchell to get to work together:
"I think it's great. Both of them have experience, especially Troy. I just think they need to

spend these three days understanding each other and getting to know each other's personalities. I think that will carry on into training camp."

Lake on playing for former Steelers Coach Chuck Noll:
"He exuded confidence. And he didn't speak very many words, but when he did you listened. He really put a lot of emphasis on technique. If he thought he could help you, he would personally pull you aside and show you techniques. He did that with me. And those are things I used my whole career. I grew up, basically, under Coach Noll. My first three years were big for me, especially because I had never played the position. Having him there and being able to develop and be a part of the Steelers organization with a legendary coach was really big for me."

Steelers veterans and rookies participate in the first day of the 2014 Minicamp at the Steelers' practice facility.

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