Bush: 'I'm just ready to be Devin Bush'

Making the move: It's not often the Steelers trade up in the first round of the NFL Draft, but when the right guy is there, it's a move they are willing to make. In the past they did it to select Troy Polamalu and Santonio Holmes.

This year, Devin Bush was the right guy for them to move up and make the trade.

The team traded from the No. 20 spot to the No. 10 spot, swapping first-round picks with the Denver Broncos, as well as giving the Broncos their second-round pick this year (52nd overall) and their third-round pick in 2020.

For Bush, it meant a lot that the team thought that highly of him to make the trade.

"It's just a testament to me as a player," said Bush. "They like me enough as a player and as a person to feel comfortable enough to trade up and snag me."

Reason to be excited: There was plenty of excitement at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex when the team was able to pull off the trade, and for good reason. Bush, who played at the University of Michigan, started 32 of the 39 games he played in college, while recording 194 tackles, 20 tackles for losses, 10 sacks, one interception and 17 passes defensed.

"He is an all situations linebacker," said Coach Mike Tomlin. "All three-down type of guy, versus the run, versus the pass, be it in coverage or in pressures. Those are just the tangible things.

"We were equally excited about his intangibles. He comes from a football family. He is a football guy. Everyone speaks very highly of him not only as a player, but a person. His leadership skills are unquestioned. The position he plays is like a defensive quarterback and I think that is something that comes very natural to him."

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Be yourself: Since Ryan Shazier suffered his spinal injury near the end of the 2017 season, the Steelers have been looking for the right guy at inside linebacker. They are hoping they found him in Bush, but the key for him is to just be himself and not try to be the same player as Shazier.

"I think Ryan Shazier was a great player, still is and I hope to see him soon," said Bush. "I wish all the best to Ryan Shazier with his recovery and I know he's going to do well. I know he has the heart to and has the will to – he will be back.

"I'm just ready to be Devin Bush. I'm not trying to compare myself to Ryan Shazier or anybody else. I'm going to come in and be Devin Bush."

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