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BUD DUPREELinebacker – Kentucky1st Round – 22nd Overall

What do you know about the Steelers defense and the way they like to use their outside linebackers?
I know they rely on their defensive line, and all the outside linebackers have been pretty good on this team. I just want to be a part of this team, and work hard and continue to learn.

What do you think about going 22nd overall?
Anytime you go lower than you're supposed to go, it's always difficult but the situation I'm in with the Pittsburgh Steelers, I think is a great fit.

How do you think the fit is with the Steelers defense?
I think it will be a great fit for me. Being that I'll be possibly one of those outside linebackers, it will be great to be out on the field.

What was the meeting like with the Steelers and were you surprised you were picked?
It was a surprise to me. It was a great surprise. It's still a shock because I really talked to the coaches only one time at pro day, so when they called my name it was great.

Did you have dinner with Mike Tomlin?
I did.

How did that go?
It was great. It was a great meeting. In the meeting, they showed a lot of interest. Dinner was great before the pro day. Then at the pro day we talked a lot too.


How do you think you impressed Coach Tomlin?**
I think I impressed him with my knowledge of football, wanting to know all the details about what you need to do on their defense. They explained a lot to me, and I felt like I fit in.

What did you ask Coach Tomlin about James Harrison?
Just how does he work? What does he do in the offseason? They explained that he's just a hard worker. He took younger guys up under his wings too. That's really about it.

At the beginning of the day where did you think you would go?
I really didn't know where I was going to go. I didn't know what number because I'd seen so many different mock drafts. And I didn't want to pay attention to them anymore [laughs].

How was the wait in the green room?
It was horrible. It was a horrible wait. I think I'm in the right position. I'm glad that Coach Tomlin gave me a chance, and I will prove them right.


How much experience did you have at Kentucky playing of the left side of the defense?**
I played the left side most of my time. So being on the left side is very comfortable for me. It's a great opportunity.

Re: Writing the word savage on your wrist, what that means and will it continue:
I just had that during seven-on-seven. You want to see it every day and make sure you don't just talk about it. So I put it on my wrist, so it's with me all the time.

Do you have any connections with the Steelers?
No. But now they are Pittsburgh fans.

Did the Steelers tell you that 270 pounds was good to play at?
Yeah. They told me whatever I feel comfortable at. So I'm just at that.

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