Opponents on Steelers

Bucs are talking about Pickens, Pickett and more

The Steelers face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday at Acrisure Stadium, the first time the two teams will meet since the 2018 season, a 30-27 Steelers win. The Steelers own a 9-2 series record, 3-1 at home. 

The game will feature two quarterbacks at very different stages of their career, with rookie Kenny Pickett making his second start for the Steelers, while Bucs quarterback Tom Brady, in his 23rd season, will be making start number 306.

The Bucs weighed in on Pickett, as well as rookie George Pickens and more.

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Buccaneers Coach Todd Bowles on what he sees from quarterback Kenny Pickett: 
"He's a very heady football player. He knows where his checkdowns are, he has a very good arm, (is good at) reading defenses, going to the outside or the inside. He can get out of the pocket and run pretty (well) if he has to. It looks like he has a good command of the offense, so we expect him to play well."

Safety Antoine Winfield Jr. on not underestimating the Steelers:
"Never look at any teams like that. It's the NFL. Every team is good, so you have to go in there and take care of business as usual. Can't look down on any teams in this league."

Linebacker Joe Tryon-Shoyinka on the Steelers' offense:
"They do a lot of things well. They have a lot of weapons. Big body receivers that do a good job of getting the ball. They got a couple of good running backs. The offense is something we are not used to. We have to stay in the film room, study it, get familiar with it as we move on. We have a lot to work on."

Bowles on his impression of receiver George Pickens:
"He's a physical receiver. They have two of them, (Chase) Claypool as well. He's going to jump and try to make great catches, which he's shown week-in and week-out. That's why he got drafted so high. He's tough, he was a tough player in college, he's tough with the Steelers. They got a good draft pick. They've got a potential Pro Bowler on their hands. He's going to be a handful to deal with."

Winfield on Pickens:
"He has great ball skills. I've seen him go up on top of people's heads a few times this year, so making sure he doesn't do that to us. That's my only job."

Winfield on what concerns him the most about the Steelers' offense:
"They have a good receiving corps. They have a good back as well. (We're) trying to contain them as much as possible. That's what we're trying to do this week."

Tryon-Shoyinka on Pickett:
"He is a rookie quarterback just trying to get the ball out and make plays. They make the offense a little…I wouldn't say it's complex, but simple reads for him."

Bowles on Coach Mike Tomlin never having a losing season:
"It's unbelievable. I don't know who else has done that. He's done an outstanding job since he's been there, as a coach and being a model citizen. One of the coaches that I have a lot of respect for in this league and truly look up to in that aspect."

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