Bryant: 'I can be a big weapon there'


When the Steelers drafted Martavis Bryant in the fourth round they got a player they had been looking for, a tall receiver who can make an impact in the red zone.

Bryant, 6-4, 220 pounds, filled that role while at Clemson while he knows he has a lot to still learn about the offense, he said he can bring that to the Steelers.

"I can be a big weapon there," said Bryant. "That is what I specialize in. It's fun. You know your team can count on you that you can make clutch plays in the red zone when you need a touchdown. Sometimes the quarterback can just throw it up and you can just make plays and keep it simple."

But that isn't all he brings to the table.

"I can also help stretch the field, run deep routes, and make plays," said Bryant. "You have to be fast. You have to have great ball skills and know the game. Once you learn everything it will happen naturally for you."

Bryant said he is spending the three days of the team's minicamp, as well as the rest of the offseason program, learning as much of the offense he can so he will be ready when called upon.

"It's good to come in and get your feet wet, get comfortable with how they do business here," said Bryant. "You want to come in and set an example. You don't want to come and mess up. It's good to come in early and get your feet wet.

"I am going to come in and work hard. I just want to come in and do the best I can and help us win. I am happy to be here, come in and work hard and let everything happen. I am going to work hard and do what I am supposed to do."

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