Brown: 'We have to be fired up'


The Steelers will face their third AFC North opponent of the season on Sunday when they take on the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field, and they are hoping the results are different than earlier. The Steelers lost to both the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals at home, so they understand how important winning this Sunday is.

Linebacker Ryan Shazier:
"It definitely heightens it. Every team we play in our division is a rivalry, especially since we are 0-2 in the division right now. This game is definitely a big one for us. Plus you want to have a victory heading into the bye week. We have to win this week. You want to have a winning streak headed into the bye week and after."

Receiver Antonio Brown:
"If we are going to be the team we desire to be, we have to win in the AFC North to get to the playoffs. Cleveland always brings their best when they play us and they give us a good game. We have to be fired up and bring our 'A' game."

Fullback Will Johnson:
"It's a division opponent, we are at home, and it's the second half of the season so these games are all key games. It's an AFC North game. We need to win it. You want to go out on a win and the arrow headed up coming back after the bye."

The Steelers prepare for the week 10 matchup against the Cleveland Browns.

Safety Shamarko Thomas:
"It's definitely an important game. Coach (Mike) Tomlin went over things, made us well aware that we are 0-2 versus our division. We are not used to that. We have to win out and keep on pushing. We definitely have to build it up. We have to come out and practice hard and have that mentality."

Darrius Heyward-Bey:
"We are 0-2 against the AFC North. We need to go out there and get a win. And with the bye we need to go out strong for the home stretch.
Division games hold more weight than other games, so we have to go out there and win. We need to buckle down and get these wins."

Safety Rob Golden:
"We lost two of those AFC North games at home and that is something we have to work to change. We try to control an AFC North opponent, especially when it's a home game. Those are the must win ones. We have to get the ball rolling with that."

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