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Brown: 'I own up to those mistakes'

His teammates have been asked about it over the last few days. Coach Mike Tomlin has been asked about it.

And after practice on Wednesday, Antonio Brown was asked over and over again about the postgame video he shared on Facebook Live, which included Tomlin's speech to the team.

"I absolutely regret doing Facebook Live and this situation," said Brown. "It was a total distraction to the organization. A total distraction to my teammates. Obviously, it was disrespectful to Coach Tomlin. I have the utmost respect for Coach. I solely regret that."

Brown tweeted out an apology on Tuesday night stating he regretted his actions, and said that it was the excitement of the moment that had him do it.

Brown went on to explain that after missing the Divisional Round Game last year against Denver after suffering a concussion, he was thrilled to be heading the AFC Championship Game this year and that is why he wanted to stream the postgame excitement.

"I got carried away in the moment," said Brown. "I lived in that moment from last year not being able to play in the divisional game, not being able to make the trip with the team. I was genuinely excited in the moment."

More from Brown:

On  his relationship with Malcolm Butler and if he can cover him:
[Smiles] "That's to be determined this weekend. Obviously it's a big game. I have a lot of respect for him. He is a follow-type corner. He is going to be there. I am excited about having that opportunity."


On what Coach Tomlin said yesterday that when these things happen, people don't realize how talented you are and how hard you work:* "We aren't all perfect. I am human. I am going to make mistakes. But as a man, I own up to those mistakes. I was genuinely excited in that moment. I wanted to give the fans an in-tune experience in regards to being excited after that game. People know what I stand for, what I represent and what type of person I am."* On if this will put a bigger chip on his and the team's shoulder on Sunday: "It's championship football. Whatever motivates you, you need. We work hard all year to get into this position. We are here now. I am excited about that opportunity." Importance of social media and media in your life: "It's a part of our jobs as professionals to be professional, to handle the media. It's a part of our job and what we do. I am just excited for championship football. We had a great day of practice. I am excited to get off to a great start. My teammates are excited about this opportunity." On Coach Tomlin saying players go from team-to-team and how that makes an impression on you: **"Absolutely [it makes an impression on me]. Those words that he spoke, I didn't take them lightly. That's a big statement coming from my head coach. I don't take those things for granted. I have to relish in those words. I am looking forward to just doing my job."

On his actions wearing on your teammates:
"Over the course of this journey, we have been faced with a lot of adversity. I think the team has weathered the storm and has been singularly focused through the midst of all that adversity. What's important is winning the football game and doing what we desire to do. All of the other things aren't important."On New England's secondary:"Those guys use their hands. They play to the ball. They are a great group. They work together. Bill Belichick is a great coach. He has developed some great schemes to help those guys, and it puts them in perfect position. Butler finishes to the ball. He puts hands on you like no other. We are up for the challenge." Not playing last year in the Divisional Game and now getting to play this season in the AFC Championship:
"There is a lot of excitement. I am extremely grateful to be in this position. I am not only excited, but it's an honor to be in this position. I am excited to play with my teammates, to give it all we got. We are excited about this opportunity." On the mystique of playing a postseason game in New England and why you are confident:
"We are singularly focused. We are a group that has been on the rise. We are a group that is excited about the opportunity to compete at a high level. We know what is important now, finding a way to get the job done."On how tough of a week has this been:
"It has been a tough week, but it's nothing I can't handle. My kids being able to see me all over television for the wrong things, being able to see people talk about my name all over the place, ex-teammates, older players. It's just a part of the journey. These are the things you learn from and grow from as a player. I am still a young player. I still have a lot to learn. I don't make excuses. I take ownership for all of my actions. I will be better from this."On using this as motivation:
"This is the Championship Game. What other motivation do you need? This is what we have worked for all year. This is what I spent the whole offseason for, waking up from the season where I missed the final game because of a concussion, and putting my mind to this."

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