Broncos are talking about Ben, Deebo

The Steelers face the Denver Broncos on Sunday in the AFC Divisional Playoff round. The Broncos shared their take on Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, the defense, the matchup and more.

  • Quarterback Peyton Manning on if he sees anything different from the Steelers defense on film this year:"What you see on defense is a bunch of guys flying around, creating a lot of plays, creating a lot of negative plays, turnovers, and being sound at what they do. So, that's what jumps out to you."

Coach Gary Kubiak on the difference in the Steelers from the last time he played them: "I don't know how much different they are. They're playing extremely well. Defensively, since we played them, I think they're giving up like 16 points a game and ton of sacks, had 30 takeaways and led the AFC. So, they are playing really good football and to go on the road in the playoffs and win, that's even more impressive. Obviously, they're a very impressive football team. Mike Tomlin does a great job with them all the time, and we understand we have a big challenge ahead."


Tight end Virgil Green on combating the Steelers' blitz: **"It's very important. We have to keep watching film and understand where they're going to be blitzing from. Guys have to just stand up and stop those guys at the line of scrimmage. Don't let those guys get a full head of steam. They're very powerful, strong guys. You just have to eliminate their moves at the line of scrimmage."

Manning on if it would surprise him if Roethlisberger plays this Sunday:
"No. First off, you can't play quarterback in this league if you're not a tough guy and Ben certainly epitomizes that. He's played with a ton of injuries throughout his career, taken a lot of hits and is always there for his team on Sunday. So, it's certainly what you would expect."

Kubiak on the Steelers' young linebackers:
"I think they're really good. There's what, three first-rounders or something like that? They're very aggressive, defensively. They've been excellent in the red zone. They have 30 takeaways. That leads the AFC. The thing that I'm most impressed about their defense is that they have a lot of guys that make plays. It's not three or four, they all make plays."

Safety Darren Stewart on what makes Roethlisberger a challenge:
"He's a tough guy. He's a big guy. His legs still work, so he's able to move around. We have to just be ready to go."

Manning on if he gets excited when he sees an older guy like William Gay still around, a guy who has put in years like him: "Well, I like seeing them when they're older than me, personally. James is a young pup compared to me. Unfortunately for me, he's a great player, he's been doing it for a long time. Credit to him for how he takes care of himself, how he trains in the offseason. You don't play as long as he has at that position, the outside linebacker, defensive end position, without taking great care of your body. So, it's a real credit to him."

Safety T.J. Ward on Roethlisberger:
"We're not worried about injuries. We're playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. They're going to get everything we have. We're not worried about individuals coming in hurt, maybe hurt or that may play. We're getting ready for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whoever plays, they're going to get 100 percent of the Broncos' D."

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