Blount has great memories from Steelers-Cowboys rivalry


By Teresa Varley

For those who followed the Steelers since the 1970s the memories are vivid from the team's victories over the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl X and XIII.

There was Jack Lambert slamming Cowboys safety Cliff Harris after he taunted Steelers kicker Roy Gerela following a missed field goal in Super Bowl X.

Lynn Swann's amazing catches in that same game are forever emblazoned in the hearts and minds of fans.

You can't forget Jackie Smith dropping a touchdown pass for the Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII with the Steelers leading 21-14. The Cowboys had to settle for a field goal and ended up losing the game by four points, 35-31.

And of course, there was Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson questioning Terry Bradshaw's intelligence in the days leading up to Super Bowl XIII and saying Bradshaw couldn't spell "cat" if "you spotted him the c and the a."

After leading the Steelers to victory, Bradshaw sat in the team's locker room and said, "Go and ask Henderson if I was dumb today."

It was games like the two Super Bowls and others that built a rivalry that will forever unite the two teams as one of the NFL's best rivalries.

"It all started when we won the first Super Bowl against them," said former cornerback Mel Blount, who played for the Steelers from 1970-83. "I think the first thing is it was a test of wills. They thought they were great athletes, we thought we were great athletes. We felt like any time we played them we were going to be at our best because we knew they were going to be at their best.

"They were athletes that thought they were the best and they thought their organization was the best. We thought the Steelers were the best organization. It came down to pride and being professionals and proving who was best. Every time we played the Cowboys, I don't care if it was preseason, regular season or the Super Bowl, it was something special."

There was a little something extra that ate away at the Steelers players back then. It was the tag of "America's Team" that was placed on the Cowboys. After all, the Steelers beat them twice in the Super Bowl in the 70s, the decade when they earned that title.

"The one thing about the Cowboys is they got labeled as America's Team and we didn't like that," said Blount. "We don't know how they got that title or who gave it to them. It was special to beat them because when you are in that business and you are traveling around the country and everybody is saying that the Dallas Cowboys are America's Team, and here we are World Champions, we just couldn't figure that out. It motivated a lot of teams that played them to prove they could beat them."

Blount still has fun talking about those two Super Bowl victories when he runs into former Cowboys, including quarterback Roger Staubach.

"I don't think they lived down the fact that they lost Super Bowl XIII," said Blount. "That's what makes the game what it is. Every one goes out and wants to prove they are the best and you go out and play the game and the results tell you who you are and what you are."

Blount is hoping on Sunday at Heinz Field it's the Steelers who come out on top. He is still smarting over the team's loss to the Cowboys in Super Bowl XXX and wouldn't mind a little pay back this week.

"It's a great match-up. I am really looking forward to Sunday's game," said Blount. "I think it's great they are coming in to Pittsburgh. Any time you can get the Steelers and Cowboys together you are going to have a great viewing audience.

"It's something special. It's one of those things that built up to be a great rivalry, an AFC team that doesn't have a lot of love for an NFC team."

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