'Bettis' runs in Pittsburgh Marathon


The Pittsburgh Marathon brought some of the best distance runners in the world to tackle the 26.2 mile course, or the half marathon course through city streets.

It also brought out city residents with a love for running, or in the case of the man shown above, a love for Jerome Bettis and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Steven Hahn Sisco was spotted along Carson Street on the South Side, running with a full Steelers uniform on, including a helmet and Bettis jersey. And on a day when temperatures hit 70 degrees and the run was long and challenging, it couldn't have been easy but was appreciated by Bettis.

"Wow. Wow. He ran with all of that on," said Bettis, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August. "That is impressive. That is amazing. To run that far with all of that on, it's a tremendous honor he did that.

"I couldn't imagine trying to run in a football uniform. I couldn't imagine it. That would be so hard to do, to try and pull that off."

Bettis said instances like this is why he loves Pittsburgh and Steelers fans so much.

"The loyalty is remarkable," said Bettis. "Once they endear you as a player, they don't just love you when you are playing. When your playing days are over they still love you and respect you. There are only a few cities in the United States where the fans are like that. It's a great compliment."

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