Opponents on Steelers

Bengals talking about Deebo, AB & Bell

When the Steelers and Bengals meet, it's two teams that might not like each other as AFC North rivals, but they still respect the talent they bring to the table.

"I have a lot of respect for those guys over there," said cornerback Adam 'Pacman' Jones.

Both Jones and Coach Marvin Lewis gave their take on the Steelers and the rivalry, and both expect a physical game on Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium.

"We are in the AFC North," said Lewis. "It's physical football. It's what it's been throughout. I am sure it will be the same way on Sunday."

Here is a deeper look into what the Bengals had to say about the Steelers:

Jones on Antonio Brown:
"I love playing against AB. He is the real deal. If not the best in the league, he is definitely in the top 2, 3, 4 guy. You better tighten your shoes up and be ready when you play against him because he is going to give you everything he's got. I always look forward to playing him. I just like competing. He can do everything. What can't he do?"

Lewis on William Gay, who played one season in Cincinnati:
"He is incredible. When he is not playing against me he is great to see. James is a marvel. He is a pro. He is great for football. It teaches these young guys how you go about your business. If you want to stick around long, be a smart player, take care of yourself and you can do that."

Lewis on what Harrison taught the Bengals linebackers:
"He really helped Vontaze (Burfict) particularly learn what being a pro is all about. He was like his little brother. It was good for those guys to see. Here is a guy that has accomplished so much at that point. It was big."

Jones on Le'Veon Bell:
"He is by far the best back in the league. He can do it all. He can catch it out of the backfield. He can run you over. He can make you miss. It's going to be a team effort stopping that guy. He brings a lot to the offense. He is nice. You can't take him for granted. You can't treat him like a regular running back."

Lewis on Bell:
"He has incredible vision. I think his ability to accelerate once he makes a decision and finds the hole, the crease, whatever it may be is exceptional. He is a tremendous threat in the passing game. Whether he is catching the ball from the line of scrimmage out there, and the things that he does. You have to be conscious of him and his ability to turn those three or four yard catches into a long play."

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