Ben says rotator cuff a non-issue

Q. Do you have anything to add to the report that there is a problem with your rotator cuff?
A. No. It happened early last year. Some of the people in the media knew about it, so they did a good job of keeping it quiet and I thank you for that. We worked really hard at getting it right to play. I never missed any time. Dr. James Bradley, the trainers, John Norwig, everybody, just spent so much time rehabbing
and getting it right. It feels great right now. That's kind of why surprises happen. It isn't a new injury. It's nothing new. I never complained about anything. I was simply making a statement about something.

Q. Was surgery necessary to repair it?
A. No. Absolutely not. There was no injection and nothing other than just simple rehab.

Q. Have you experienced a loss of strength in the shoulder?
A. No, I haven't. The people who could probably answer these questions better are the doctors. The way it was explained to me is that it's torn like string cheese long ways, instead of sideways, which is "the better way to tear it." It's only a partial tear. That's why I haven't seen any side effects of loss of strength. I take less throws because of that, but also because I am getting a little bit older and might as well save the arm a little bit.

Q. Were you ever close to not playing last year due to the injury?
A. No. It was one of those ones where the doctor says to avoid throwing too much in walk-throughs and stuff where you don't have to throw and try not to land on it. It happened in the Baltimore game and just got extended the wrong way. It was never an issue. I've dealt with a lot of pain, and it wasn't going to take me out.

Q. Will this limit you in training camp?
A. No. This happened during the Baltimore game at home. You didn't see any drop-off in my play last year throwing the ball and you haven't seen it yet. No one would have known about it if I hadn't talked about it. I thought it was kind of a non-issue since it happened so long ago. I'm letting you know now that it's a serious non-issue, and I'm just fine.

Q. How are you getting along with offensive coordinator Todd Haley?
A. Great. There's a lot of rules that the league makes about being able to talk to someone when they first come in and during the offseason. We, technically, couldn't talk anyways so we didn't want to break any rules. We know how the league cracks down on things like that, so we didn't want to break any rules.

Q. How did the no-huddle session go in practice yesterday?
A. It went well. It was a good start. We did a little bit today and I thought it went a little bit better today. We're going to keep making progress and taking strides to keep getting better.

Q. Has Haley indicated to you that he will let you call your own plays?
A. I think he's mentioned to me about making it our offense and letting us do it. We've heard Bruce (Arians) say that in the past. I think a good coordinator trusts his players, and that's a good way to go. We're going to work together, and that's why we're doing this no-huddle. I don't feel comfortable enough just saying, "Let me take it over." I'd rather just work with him right now until I get comfortable calling it myself.

Q. What are your thoughts on Mike Wallace not showing up to camp?
A. It's tough because Mike is a good friend and a great teammate. I've been talking to him a little bit, and we'll be excited for him when he does get here. I'm sure he'll be here and he'll be with us before the first game. I don't think he'll wait very long.

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