Bell: 'We always tell each other it's your turn'

It happens every time one of them steps on to the field for the other. Le'Veon Bell and fellow running back LeGarrette Blount share a few words, nothing much, just a bit of encouragement as they other gets ready for their turn to carry the load.

"We always tell each other it's your turn," said Bell. "It's like wrestling."

It doesn't stop there with the tag-team approach. When the defense is on the field, the conversation gets a little more in depth, with both players sharing insight on what they are seeing.

"It's like you have another set of eyes out there," said Bell. "It's better than it's just me out there seeing what I am feeling. He is out there telling me what he is seeing and feeling. It helps me with my adjustments or whatever I may need and how the defense is playing, or how he might run against them. I might take a little bit from that seeing I need to run against them this way or that way. It's two different styles of runners and we help each other out at different stages."

It's paying off. Bell leads the Steelers with 460 rushing yards to date and Blount has 186 yards. Bell's yards rank him second in the NFL in overall rushing, behind only Dallas' DeMarco Murray who has 670 yards. He is also second in yards from scrimmage in the league with 688 yards, behind Murray who has 794 yards.

"It's very entertaining," said Bell of the way the two are being used in the offense. "Any time we can run at will and the offensive line is opening holes, it makes it easier for us."

Blount thinks the approach is why the Steelers ground game has been so effective this season, keeping both players fresh down the stretch.

"Being able to effectively run the football, getting the ball as much as we do and as many different ways as we get it, it's a lot of fun," said Blount. "The things we do to keep each other fresh. When Dri (Archer) or I come in there and spell him it helps keep him fresh, helps keep us all fresh, so we can close games like we did."

A look at the Browns:

The Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for the game against the Cleveland Browns.

At the beginning of the season everyone in Cleveland was expecting rookie Johnny Manziel to be the Browns starting quarterback if not then, at least by this point of the season. But veteran Brian Hoyer has been effective, leading the 2-2 Browns while completing 82 passes for 1,008 yards and six touchdowns during that span.

"He is smart. He plays within himself. He is going to be efficient," said Coach Mike Tomlin. "He is going to move the offense and take care of the football. We talked about him in that vein in preparation for the opener. I think his play over the last month has verified that. He is making really good decisions. He is completing the ball at a high percentage. He doesn't have a lot of negative plays. I think he's been sacked five times in four games. He has one interception. They as an offense have only turned the ball over one time in four games.

"That's a recipe for some really good football. I think it starts with Hoyer. He distributes the ball around to a variety of people, tight ends, wide receivers and running backs. He is doing a great job for them."

What the Steelers are saying:

Linebacker Sean Spence: "We have been preaching stacking wins forever and this week we have the opportunity to do it."

Nose tackle Steve McLendon: "What we do in practice shows up on the field. That is the biggest thing. We want to continue to do the little things, play fast, hard and smart as a team. You saw the difference, but it doesn't stop there. We have to continue to do it throughout the season."

The Browns' perspective:

Offensive Tackle Joe Thomas on James Harrison:  "I'm happy to see him back there. He's a guy that I knew still had football left in him. He's maybe 34, 35, 36 (years old) somewhere in there. But you can tell he's got young legs still when you watch him out there running around. It's great to have him back out there in Pittsburgh because I know that the guys up there probably missed him because he's one of the all-time greats for the Steelers."

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