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Bears are talking about Shazier, Ben & more

The Steelers take on the Chicago Bears on Sunday at Soldier Field, the first time they will visit the historic stadium since 2009.

They will be greeted by a Bears team, who at 0-2, are searching for their first win of the young season and know they have their hands full against the 2-0 Steelers.

Coach John Fox, whose NFL coaching career began as the Steelers secondary coach from 1989-91, knows defense is a staple in Pittsburgh and sees a unit that is going to be tough for his offense, which turned the ball over four straight times in a loss to Tampa Bay last week.

"They are very opportunistic, very big and physical up front," said Fox. "They do a good job schematically as far as getting pressure. Right now they are on the plus side of the turnover ratio. It's a critical statistic and after two games they are ahead in that category. They are coming from all over the place. They are very multiple."

More from the Bears:

Fox on Steelers offense:
"When you look at them, what is impressive is the continuity. When you look at them they have one new guy out there from last year in the starting group (Martavis Bryant) and he has been there. What the Steelers have been able to do, Mike (Tomlin) and their brain trust, is keeping continuity, which is important in the NFL. I am talking in particularly on offense, the line, Ben (Roethlisberger). There is a lot of communication and adjustments that occur. Being together and out there in the throes of it is very helpful."

Quarterback Mike Glennon on the Steelers defense:
"They are doing a really good job getting after the quarterback. They bring multiple looks. (Ryan) Shazier does a great job in his pressure looks. It's something we will be focusing on to try and eliminate. They are a solid group. Their front seven is really good. They're one of the top defenses in the league. Their corners can make plays. They are a really good defense we are going to be going against."

Fox on Roethlisberger:
"They have big play capability on offense. You have Big Ben operating it. He does a good job of extending plays and is very smart with the football. He does extend plays. He does that sliding in the pocket, and understanding the rush, his receivers. The receivers do a good job of changing and reacting to those plays as well. They do it as well as any team in the league."

Glennon on Shazier:
"He can do it all. He's fast. He's explosive. They like to have him rush the passer, they have him drop in coverage. He has made a couple picks I have seen on film that it looks like he is doing one thing and the next thing you know he is dropping into a window tricking the quarterback. He is a high end linebacker in the NFL."

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