Beachum's season ends too soon


You hear it time and time again, that the Steelers are a family-oriented organization, that it's a brotherhood, and that the players are all there for each other.

That was on display front and center on Sunday when tackle Kelvin Beachum needed a ride home after suffering a season-ending ACL injury against the Arizona Cardinals.

"I didn't have a ride home, my wife had already left," said Beachum. "We had multiple volunteers that wanted to take me home. That is just how it is. It's a family-oriented organization. Everybody cares about you. When you are down, everybody else is down. When you are up, we are all up. We win together, we lose together.

"When somebody is hurt we find a way to pick each other up. I have been there for other people when they have gotten hurt and now they are here for me."

It was Ramon Foster who ended up taking Beachum home, and staying with him at his house for a while, no surprise that it was a fellow offensive lineman that did the honors.

"It's a combination of the family system and the people around the organization doing everything they can to make sure I am staying upbeat," said Beachum. "I've got a strong faith and I know where my trust is and I will be back in time."

It's going to be a while for Beachum to get back though after he was placed on injured reserve on Monday and is out for the season. While he won't be able to contribute on the field, he will do his best to help his teammates, including tackle Alejandro Villanueva who stepped into his role on Sunday.

"I have already been talking to him," said Beachum. "We talked right after the game. He is doing a great job. I had a chance to watch the game in the locker room after the injury. He is going to be just fine.

"I would want somebody to do the same for me if I was in that position. I will be here to help, be a shoulder to lean on, somebody to talk to. I already watched the film on Kansas City so if he has any questions."

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