Beachum delivers plenty of smiles


There were a million things Kelvin Beachum could have been doing on Thursday afternoon outside, a day filled with bright sunshine and the first hint of spring temperatures in Pittsburgh.

But he forgo the temptation of enjoying the outdoors, instead spending his afternoon at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, visiting kids and bringing smiles that were far brighter than what the sun delivered.

"It was about seeing the kids and giving them and their families some support," said Beachum. "It was great to sit down and talk to them about what they are going through in life in general. It's about bringing a smile to them and brightening their day. That's all I wanted to do and I think I did it."

That he definitely did. Whether it was making the day of a sweet little girl, Alexandria, by giving her a teddy bear, or making a treatment go smoother by playing games with a young boy, Cooper, Beachum delivered what he promised and enjoyed it as much as the kids.

"It brightened my day," said Beachum. "I was playing silly games with Cooper. I could have stayed and played with Cooper for hours, until he finished his treatment. I knew I had to go see some of the other kids. And Alexandria was great. All she wanted was a Popsicle and she couldn't have one. I traded a Popsicle for a teddy bear and she was okay with that. She told me 'Go Steelers' as I walked out the door and told me I want you to come see me later. It was beautiful."

Beachum admitted that at times it can also be tough to visit the kids, seeing some of them suffer as well as their parents struggling. But his hope was to take their mind of things even for a little while, and he did.

"It is hard," said Beachum. "The first couple of rooms we visited the families were a bit depressed. It was tough with what they were going through with their children. But to spend time talking to them helps. I was told one mother hadn't talked to anyone all day, but she opened up.

"I was sent there for a purpose, to give comfort to the kids and families."

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