Batch finds fun way to focus on education


If there is anyone who can make raising money for a good cause a fun endeavor, it's former Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch.

Batch hosted the 9th Annual In the Pocket event on Monday night at Latitude 360, an event filled with fun and games that benefits the Best of the Batch Foundation.

Charlie Batch hosted In the Pocket to benefit the Best of the Batch foundation's literacy programs.

Ping pong, pool, bowling … you name it, they played it. But there was a bigger picture. It was all for the Foundation's Reading and Computer Literacy Program, a program that serves over 3,000 kids in the Steel Valley area and five counties each year.

"This is huge for us," said Batch. "It's our only fund raiser we have. It's important because it helps raise money for our reading and literacy programs."

Proceeds from the event have helped build the foundation's computer lab, including the addition of the cyber hub which houses all of the computer equipment used for the tutoring program.

"From where we were at the beginning to now, it's so instrumental," said Batch. "There are a lot of people that use it for after school. Not only for in school, with all alternative school program during the day that we offer, but afterschool so many kids, hundreds of them, come and use it.

"Growing up I didn't have something like this. We try to push these kids beyond their expectations. By providing resources we leave them without an excuse, with a path to success. It gets to the point where you see the smiles on the kid's faces you know it was well worth it."

Batch was joined by a large group of current and former Steelers at the event, something that meant the world to him.

"It's humbling because everyone can do what they want, but they support us," said Batch. "It means they believe in the mission and what we are trying to accomplish. I am very appreciative they continue to support it."

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