At Home With - Ike Taylor

When cornerback Ike Taylor is at home there is one thing you can be sure he is doing, playing the Madden 2010. Taylor loves his video games, and the big screen television in his living room is perfect for playing against his teammates or even by himself. Taylor also relishes the role of being a father to his four-year old son, Ivan, who lives with his mother in West Virginia but spends as much time with Taylor as possible.

In this edition of At Home With, Taylor shares with Teresa Varley some of his favorite things and gives insight into the man away from the football field.

Favorite home-cooked meal that mom makes:She makes the best baked chicken.* *

Your cooking specialty:I chef up a good utensil game. I set the napkins out, the knives and forks. I have everything looking neat on the table. That is my specialty. Then somebody else puts the food there. I clean up. When it comes to cleaning I have OCD.  That is my specialty.

Three things always in your refrigerator:Water, yogurt and milk.

When the television is on, what are you watching: I am playing the Madden video game.

What do you snack on while watching television: Chips and dip or salsa. I also have a whole box of Hershey's chocolates from their factory.

What do you do to relax at home:Play Madden.

When something breaks, are you a fix it yourself guy, or hire someone to help: I am a go get a new one type of guy.* *

Favorite Tech toy:My I-Phone.* *

What video game player:PlayStation3

What is your favorite part of your home: I love every part of it.

Prized possession:My son.* *

When you get home from a game, what do you do:I go straight to West Virginia to see my son and his mom.* *

What was your first car:Ford F-150.

What car is in your garage now:Range Rover Supercharged.* *

Favorite way to spend time with your son:He likes hanging out with me and my teammates. When we do that he feels like a big boy.

What is bed time like with your son:When he is with me, he is excited and gets tired. It's not tough to get him to go to bed at all.

What did you learn from your parents that you carried over into your parenting:I learned hard work from my mom. She had three of us as a single parent. She held the fort down. She was a hard worker. That is the lifestyle I took. Not having a dad I want to be there for my son. His mother is amazing, she helps me out a lot.* *

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