Ask The Steelers - Randle El 3

ASK THE STEELERS – ANTWAAN RANDLE EL – PART 3 brings you the Ask the Steelers feature. Fans submitted the questions that were asked. Please understand that we receive an incredible number of questions for each player, with many of the questions being similar, and not all of the questions can be answered. We selected as many as possible, and took your questions to the current subject to get your answers.

David Kral in Washington asks: In what way did your time at the Redskins make you a better player and/or teammate?Antwaan Randle El:It made me a better player because it made me appreciate being on a team with great players, leaving the Steelers. It made me appreciate the ownership and organization. It made me realize you always have to stay crisp. As a person I learned right away that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I learned God takes you somewhere else and it's not always about what you think it is. I thought it was just about football. Coming to Washington I realized it was about more, reaching out to certain young men and helping them walk their life with God.

Heidi Klaiber inKane, Pennsylvania asks: What was it like playing for the Steelers under Bill Cowher and how you expect things to be the same or different now with Coach Mike Tomlin?Antwaan Randle El:With Coach Cowher you had a coach who understood players because he played in this league. He understood when players were tired. He was always on you to get the best out of you. Tomlin seems to be the same way. He started out working them hard and knows when to push them now.

Lisa Joseph asks: What do you think of Mike Wallace and the speed that he brings to the offense?
Antwaan Randle El:Mike Wallace is a nut for one and he has some unbelievable speed. He is exceptionally fast. He has a different speed if you will. It's amazing to see him run and play.

Dale Munn in New York asks: What kind of advice can you give to the Steelers rookies?Antwaan Randle El:The advice I give is this – there are two things that will get you kicked off a team really quick – being out of shape and not knowing the playbook. Those are two things I tell them right off the bat. I also tell them you have to get God centered at some point. It helps keep you out of trouble and you don't want to squander your opportunities. Without those things you won't be in the league long.

Chris Chambers in Ocoee, Florida asks: Do you feel that with your faith in Christ you canbe a leader in the locker room with this being your first year back?Antwaan Randle El:No question. I believe my faith in Christ is why I am a leader. It helps me to walk and be a witness. Sometimes I don't have to say anything. My witness says a lot for me as far as leadership.

Kathy Bongiorno in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania asks: Now that you have played for another NFL team, how would you say that Steelers fans differ from other NFL fans?
Antwaan Randle El:There are no fans like Steelers fans. They are always there and always rooting.

Matt Adair from Anderson, Indiana asks: Will you be keeping your Sunday Night Football intro as super-awesome as it was with the Redskins?Antwaan Randle El:Of course. No question.

Feras Zahid in Clemson, South Carolina asks: What are your favorite toppings on a pizza?Antwaan Randle El:I like banana peppers and sweet peppers.

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