Ask The Steelers: Frank Summers Part 2


ASK THE STEELERS – FRANK SUMMERS – PART 2 brings you the Ask the Steelers feature. Fans submitted the questions that were asked. Please understand that we receive an incredible number of questions for each player, with many of the questions being similar, and not all of the questions can be answered. We selected as many as possible, and took your questions to the current subject to get your answers.

From Paul Jefferson in New York: What was draft day like for you, waiting for the phone to ring?
Frank Summers: It was okay. I had a feeling where I had a chance at going. My gut feeling told me where it was going to be and when it was going to be. It was pretty calm for me.

From Rita Lloyd in Pennsylvania: What was your first reaction when you learned you were going to be the newest Pittsburgh Steeler?

Frank Summers: I was just excited. I felt very fortunate, blessed and honored. I was trying to let it all sink in.

From Mark James in Ohio: What was it like to see the six Super Bowl trophies for the first time?

Frank Summers: I thought, wow, I've got to get one. I've got to be a part of one.

From Larry Bower in Florida: Is there more pressure coming to a Super Bowl champion or less because you don't have to be a savior?

Frank Summers: It's the same. For one I am trying to make the team as a rookie and fifth round pick, and trying to help this team build on the legacy and dynasty of the 2000s. I am really just trying to fit in and be a role player and try to help any and everywhere possible.

From Shane Gorham in Illinois: Do you feel any added pressure to perform better given the great history of Steelers power backs?   
Frank Summers: Yes and no. I feel the pressure to come in and perform and live up to everyone's expectations, including my own. I want to make sure everyone knows no one has higher expectations for me, than me. I put that pressure on myself. I just want to be that guy that the coaches drafted and they thought they were getting, so they can look back and say we got the guy we wanted and needed.

From Matthew Vargo in Nevada: Do you see yourself able to play in the cold weather of Pittsburgh?
Frank Summers: There is going to be an adjustment. I am coming from 110 degree heat. Does it get negative temperatures here? Oh boy. It's going to be an adjustment. But I don't care what I am playing in. When I take the field at Heinz Field my momentum, energy and excitement will heat me up to where it's a perfect sunny day. I am looking forward to playing in any weather, any degree heat as long as I am in Pittsburgh Steelers colors, black and gold.

From Josh Velush in Connecticut: What are you looking forward to most as the season is about to start?
Frank Summers: For right now to have all of my plays down and know all of my assignments. Once I learn the playbook it will become football all over again and you let your athleticism and instincts take over. The biggest thing going into the season is know my plays, my responsibilities so I can just play free.

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