Ask The Steelers: Antonio Brown brings you the Ask the Steelers feature. Fans submitted the questions that were asked. Please understand that we receive an incredible number of questions for each player, with many of the questions being similar, and not all of the questions can be answered. We selected as many as possible, and took your questions to the current subject to get your answers.

Wide Receiver Antonio BrownBryan Sutton, Steubenville, Ohio: What was it like having Hines Ward as a mentor?   Brown:It was special. A guy who proved his love for the game, he knows the ins and outs and was a great guy to learn from.Dan Myers, Rochester, New York: Have you received any advice from any former Steelers receivers, guys like Lynn Swann or John Stallworth, and if so what kind and how helpful was that?Brown:Lynn Swann told me how much the game evolved since he played it. He told me to go out and make the key catches to help our team and put us in a good position.Will Stuhlsatz: When I think of Antonio Brown, I think of the catch on his helmet. What is the favorite moment of your Steelers career so far?Brown:I have a couple of them. That would be one of them; it was a clinching catch against Baltimore. That was in the top five. My first play ever would be the best, my reverse against the Titans. Also the last catch to seal the victory against the Jets to go to the Super Bowl.

Tony Cameneti: Who is you're surprise breakout teammate for 2012?Brown: Baron Batch. I want to see him do really well.Eric Ridenour, Painesville, Ohio: Since your arrival to Pittsburgh what teammate has had the greatest impact on your career and how so?Brown:Byron Leftwich. He is always there for me, talking to me, ever since I got drafted. He was the first guy to call me, has been a key for me. He helps me with routes and has always been there for me.Stephen Heil, Camas, Washington: What are your thoughts on your son playing football some day?Brown:If he wants to, but I would never force it upon him. He is an active kid and I would support him.Kevin Gobleck, Brunswick, Ohio: What drives you to be who you are and the way you train and perform?Brown:I know struggle. I have experienced it. I know where I want to be and I want to make things better for my kids. I have to put my heart in it and my best foot forward so they aren't in the position I was in.Noe Mejia, Las Cruces, New Mexico: How much have you grown as a player since your rookie year?Brown:Where I have grown the most is my outlook of the game, my perspective, my mental approach, my spiritual approach. You have to continue to evolve as you are going forward.Maria Clark, New York, New York: If there competition between you, Mike Wallace and Emmanuel Sanders and if so, what kind?Brown:It's a great competition, a friendly competition. Everybody wants to be the best. We hold each other to the best standards.Lou Ralph, Detroit, Michigan: Seeing Hines Ward retire and having played for only the Steelers, how much would you like to have that happen to you – only one team in your career?Brown:That is always the goal, finish where you started. It would be an amazing feeling going down as a Steeler.Matthew Byington, Raleigh, North Carolina: How does it feel being a star drafted in the sixth round while others drafted earlier might not live up to their expectations?Brown:It feels special. It shows the perseverance and dedication of a player coming from behind and working his way to the front.* *

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