Arians on Kemoeatu, Legursky, Sanders

Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians

Does the fact that Doug Legursky is starting on Sunday have anything to do with Chris Kemoeatu's health?
A little bit. They both have kind of swapped that out for a month. Doug is healthy. Doug played extremely well when he was in there. Chris has not played poorly. We just have some good depth now for the first time in a long time. It's not a benching as much as it is putting Doug back in. Chris has played extremely well.

What does Legursky do so well?
He's like having two centers out there, as far as the calls and everything, especially with the noise. He's a very athletic guy. He has a heck of a year going as far as not giving up pressure. He's extremely solid.

Legursky always finds a way to impress the coaches:
He's a good football player. That's the only way I can describe him. He's just a football player.

How has Emmanuel Sanders looked this week?
I've been real pleased with him. His knee is not swelling. He's not exactly where he was when he left off but I think he will be by Sunday night. I look forward to getting him back on the field.

So is he going to play Sunday night?
Oh yeah, definitely.

What does he bring to the receiving core?
Everything: speed, great hands and a good understanding of the game as an inside player and outside player. I think we are the most explosive with him in the group.

How has Hines Ward handled his role?
He still has a prominent role. I think this is the healthiest he's ever been on Thanksgiving. He's a pro. We are going to do everything we can to make sure all of our guys stay in the game plan. It's my job to manage that, everybody has a way of contributing in a major way. He's still a great player in the red zone and on third downs. We have something for everybody, we think. There are not enough footballs for all of them. But whoever gets open is going to get it. One thing, Hines can still get open.

Re: Heath Miller:
I think he's the best player at his position in this league. There are some good young ones coming up behind him but he brings everything to the table: effort, smartness, toughness, 100% every play, with great hands and running after the catch. He's the whole package.

Re: Heath being so consistent:
He is consistent in everything. He's got it all. He's a great guy to have on your football team. He's the kind of guy that you die to have.

Re: Heath having more catches in the past few weeks:
It's just happened. We don't have to force it to anyone anymore. Whoever gets open gets the ball. Everybody is throwing their hand in the pile, and making sure they get open. Teams that want to double-cover us outside will open the inside people.

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