Antonio Brown Conference Call


Wide Receiver - Central Michigan University

6th Round – 195th Overall

Antonio, you're replacing Santonio?

Yeah, I know this, baby. I can't believe it.

What do you like, playing receiver or returning punts and kickoffs more?

I love both of them. I hope I can get on the field with the team. You know, I'm all for it. Returning is my specialty I love doing that. But, I'm also a receiver with catching the ball and getting it in the end zone.

What brought you out for the draft after your junior year?

I mean I had so much success at all my years at Central Michigan. I was (MAC) Freshman of the Year during my first year; second year I gained big success; my third year I had much success, but being my coaches leaving, my head coach to Cincinnati and my receivers coach to Florida, which put value in my decision. With the coaching change and my quarterback leaving, I felt it was the best time and the best move for me.

Do you think you can come in and help special teams quickly?

Of course, I feel like when I get the opportunity to help out, I'll help out. Right away, for receiver, special teams, wherever I'm needed.

How did a Miami kid end up in Central Michigan?

I mean it's opportunity for a kid who finally gets away and make something happen. I was there that day as a walk-on and I had never been there before, and it worked out in my favor. I got the chance to win a championship, build great relationships, and you know that's how I ended there.

You were a walk-on at Central Michigan?

Yeah, I was a walk-on and earned a scholarship. Nothing was given to me. I've been a fighter all my life. This is a blessing to be here. To be part of the Pittsburgh championship culture, and I'm ready to get started. Let's get it in. Let's go.

Did you play the split-end spot or slot guy, what did you do for Central Michigan?

I was the slot receiver, punt-return, kick-return. I played wherever the coach wanted me. I'll motion in the backside, out-side, front-side, I can play any position on the field, I'm just ready.

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