Another day at the office


The Steelers prepare for the week 3 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.

ROSS REVIEW:** Following A.J. Green from one side of Heinz Field to the other and back didn't earn CB Stephon Tuitt anything out of the ordinary in terms of after-the-fact accolades.

"No reaction beyond the normal," Cockrell said. "My parents were at the game. They were obviously very excited."

Cockrell said his parents didn't expect him to pay as much attention to the Bengals' big-play wide receiver as he had during the Steelers' 24-16 victory on Sunday afternoon.

"No, they didn't," he said. "They were surprised, like a lot of people. But we know what we do around here and we know how hard we work so it was no surprise to us."

Of more importance to Cockrell was how he felt about his performance against Cincinnati after the video had been evaluated.

"I was pleased," Cockrell said. "There are definitely some areas to grow. It's still so early in the season.

"I definitely gotta work on getting more hands on (receivers), at the catch point, hands on in press, (coverage), hands on in certain coverages that allow us to get hands on and jam (receivers at the line of scrimmage).

"There was a lot of good but there were critiques, as well."


THE WENTZ QUESTION:** Eagles QB Carson Wentz is 2-0 this season but he's also a rookie who will be making just his third NFL start on Sunday when the Eagles host the Steelers.

A topic of conversation in the locker room involved whether the best way to take advantage of such inexperience would be by trying to confuse Wentz with disguised coverages or by trying to rattle him via the blitz?

"Obviously, it would be a mixture of both," S Mike Mitchell said. "If (DE) Cam (Heyward) and (DE Stephon) Tuitt are choppin' up like they are, it's an easy day for us. When they're not, it's our job to cover.

"Our groups working together and continuing to grow, I think, will be the key against him. I don't really know if it's going to be rush that gets him or if it's going to be coverage that gets him. We're a team-oriented defense and I think it'll be a mixture.

"We believe more in our rush this year but when the situation is called for I'm sure we'll still blitz and do everything that we do."

Added LB Arthur Moats: "Ultimately, we'll see when we get to game day if we're going to be more pressure or coverage. Every week when you're playing a quarterback, it doesn't matter if they're a rookie or not. The more you can hit them, the more you can confuse them, the better your day is going to be."


TWO-FOR-TWO:** The defense has given up two touchdowns in two games.

Last season, the defense gave up two touchdowns in three possessions in the 2015 regular-season opener at New England.

S Robert Golden cited attention to detail as a factor in the improvement made by a defense that has gotten better but still has room to grow.

"We're all just on one page," Golden said. "We have one goal in mind and that's to win a championship. And I feel like everybody believes we have a chance to do that so everybody's just on the details of their job. It's been working out well for us but the season is still young. We have a long ways to go and we can still get better.

"Like (head) coach (Mike) Tomlin always says, it doesn't matter who we're playing. It's all about our detail."

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